Buying gifts is never easy. If you don’t have a clear idea of what to buy friends,family, and co-workers, it can be an absolute minefield. If the thought of endlessly trawling websites and wandering department store aisles makes you want to skip the party altogether, consider a curated gift box.


SUGAR boxes are themed personalized gift boxes.  Every month is different.  An email is sent a few days before shipping to design one of the items inside to fit your needs.  i.e.-monogram, fav quote, color etc.  This is an opportunity to have something created for your gifting needs. 

Each box includes 3-5 items that are hand selected to fit each theme.  Boxes are shipped straight to the address provided, making them wonderful gifts to add sugar to anyone's day! SUGAR boxes are custom designed and are SCENTED! Making them great treats for yourself!

NEW OPTION:  Add a photo or personal message and we'll turn it into a postcard style note for each box selected.  Stay connected the simple way!

Shipping for the new month starts on the 5th  

You can close all those browsing windows—these curated gift boxes are just what you’re looking for.